Chinese Crested Information

Chinese Crested History

The Chinese Crested is a rarity among dog breeds because it is one of the few with hairless varieties. The Chinese Crested dog didn't originate in China like most people assume. The Aztecs used Chinese Crested dogs as bed warmers. This breed was originally known as the "African Hairless Terrier", signifying its origins in Africa. When trading ships from China traveled to Africa, they brought the dogs back to China. The Chinese Crested dogs proved their worth onboard these ships as they hunted undesired rodents. This breed was not recognized by the AKC until 1991.

Chinese Crested's Appearance

There are two distinct types of Chinese Crested, hairless and powder puff. The hairless dog has only some hair on its head, tail, and feet. These two different types are often in the same litter. They typically weigh ten to thirteen pounds and are between eleven and thirteen inches tall. The distinct features for hairless Chinese crested dogs are their human-like skin and their alert eyes. For the powder puff varieties, it is their eager eyes and full, fluffy coats. These dogs also have a prominent stance—they stand with authority.

Chinese Cresteds' Temperament

Chinese Crested dogs are very entertaining—they are able to learn and perform tricks easily. However, they should not be babied; they need to be shown leadership and ownership by their owners to avoid "small dog syndrome". Chinese crested dogs are great with children, but children must be taught to be gentle with them as they are fragile, particulary the hairless dogs, which have one fewer layer of protection, so they can be hurt easily. Chinese Cresteds have a calm nature, and they rarely bark. They enjoy climbing and digging holes.

Chinese Crested's Role

Chinese Cresteds make great family pets—they love attention. They do great indoors, so they could easily live in an apartment. It is good to take them on walks for exercise, but they do fine without a backyard. These pets need leadership in their lives so they behave well and don't become unruly. Chinese Crested dogs make great companions and are very entertaining.


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